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I am Gian, I live in Munich and most important: I absolutely love vegan food. I was the nice boy next door, who decided to follow his passion and inspire people with his food and his lifestyle. Here is the story of how I managed to realize my dream:

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Take Care Of Your Body. It’s The Only One You’ve Got.

I’m thrilled to see you’re interested in my story and in what I do.
On my blog you will find healthy recipes, that are sugar-free as well as free from wheat flour which offers you unusual and tasty alternatives and it can also bring you in shape, because we only have one life.
So all in all I will show you a lot of delicious vegan recipes you can eat without having a guilty conscience regarding the calories.

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30 Recipes. Macro nutrition. Calories per Serving. Food hacks and much more.

I have summarized my 30 favorite recipes for you to show you how easy and fast vegan can be without sacrificing any taste.

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