About Me

I am Gian, I live in Munich and most important: I absolutely love vegan food.
I was the nice boy next door, who decided to follow his passion and inspire people with his food and his lifestyle.
Here is the story of how I managed to realize my dream:


I took my first vegan steps in 2014, when my ex-girlfriend, who lived vegan, impressed me with some incredibly tasty and creative vegan recipes. Out of love to her and my fascination to experience new tastes I decided to have a try myself. That’s why I now live with more awareness, climate-friendlier and feel more comfortable in my body. The way I consume has radically changed – eating is now something I enjoy and take my time for rather than just used as a means of food intake.
Unfortunately, I had to deal with some setbacks – setbacks that favored my consumption of alcohol to a large extent and destroyed my desire in life caused by my own misconduct. I had many problems, I lied to myself and deluded myself to be happy. In short I was in a miserable physical condition, unhappy and hardly had any chance of waking up happy in the morning. The great vegan life was over. The consumption of animal products increased and so did my weight on the scale.
Do you know the feeling of looking in the mirror and not feeling comfortable anymore? That was my daily emotional state. After hitting rock bottom, I realized that this is not the life I want, so I decided to take a step forward. Actually, a life-altering decision.

I started with probably making the most important decision in my life up to now. I left everything I had behind and travelled around the world for one year.
This experience helped me to get to know myself better and understand what is best for my body and soul.

The time, when I was completely on my own, has made a huge impact on me and made me the person I am today. It feels as if I still ride the wave of euphoria without the fear of falling. When I came back home, I knew that nothing and nobody can detain me. I decided that from now on I would put myself and my goals before anything else. I started doing sports again, reduced the consumption of alcohol to zero, found interest in fitness, signed up at the local college, solved my problems,

and finally started to grow up and become an adult person. During this time, my love for veganism flourished again and my decision to live plant-based was certain. It felt like this decision was the last piece of the puzzle to finally be who I am today.
Now one and a half years later I can claim to be an incredibly happy person and I am glad to live every day the way I do and I want to try to share that feeling with all of you.

Specifically, this feeling led me to commit myself to that lifestyle and support other people in terms of sharing my lifestyle. It was clear for me that I never want to return to my old life.


Since I regained my zest of life, I knew that I wanted to give soccer – my second passion – everything I have. My willingness to improve in soccer started a process. I work hard on myself daily, intensely dealt with my body as well as the food best for doing sports. However, it was clear for me from the beginning not to be interested in a diet, but instead to find a lifestyle which allows me to neither starve nor to renounce.

I started being interested in the nutrient uptake, studied recipes and healthy possibilities to increase muscles and loose fat. My pleasure in cooking became bigger and bigger, so I decided I want to create the greatest and tastiest vegan meals and prepare dishes which are suitable for sports. All my meals are free of oil, free of sugar and free of wheat flour. I had to broaden my mind to the knowledge needed and I tried hard to understand how ingredients work together.
In the end it was all worth it. After initial difficulties I conjured delicious recipes that helped me to obtain the greatest physical state of my life. I was certain that I unbosomed myself a great new niche to share this with as many people as possible. And here my story of Instagram began.

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