About me

I gained my first experience with vegan cuisine in 2014 when my girlfriend at the time, who was vegan, convinced me with incredibly delicious and creative dishes. Out of love for her and to enjoy new flavors, I also tried my hand at making plant-based dishes. As a result, I lived more consciously, more climate-friendly and felt much better, in short my consumption had changed fundamentally. The respectful handling of food was now in the foreground.
Unfortunately, I had to cope with a few setbacks, setbacks that led to increased alcohol consumption and robbed me of my motivation due to my own misconduct. I suppressed problems, lied to myself and faked happiness. In short, I was physically miserable and demotivated. The goal of waking up in the morning feeling happy was a long way off. My first experiences with vegan cuisine were over. Consumption of animal products increased, as did my pounds on the scale.
This went on until I realized that my way of life had to change. Starting with what is probably the most important decision I have made in my life so far, namely to drop everything in 2019 and travel the world for a year. With the purpose of getting to know myself anew in order to finally meet the demands I place on myself personally.

This time, in which I was completely on my own, shaped me, changed me and made me the person I am today. It feels like I’m still surfing the wave of euphoria without fear of falling.
When I got back to Germany, I knew that nothing and nobody could stop me. I now had my personal goals firmly in sight: I wanted to do more sport again, not drink alcohol and I was intensively involved in fitness training. So I enrolled in college, solved my problems, and finally grew up. I started to get involved with vegan nutrition again and finally made the decision to live plant-based. This decision was the last piece of the jigsaw to finally be the person I am today.

5 years later, I can now claim to be an incredibly happy person who looks forward to something new every day and wants to experience this with the whole world. Exactly this feeling prompted me to share my lifestyle,
to support other people and to commit myself. Because it was clear to me that I never wanted to go back to my old unhealthy life.

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