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Vegan nutrition, videography and recipe development are my passion – and I want to share them with as many people as possible. As a vegan nutritionist, I not only create recipes for my own channels, but also stage creative dishes for a wide variety of companies. As a videographer, I produce professional content that arouses emotions, arouses curiosity and presents products in the best possible way. For more authenticity, more reach and higher sales.

My channels at a glance:

On Instagram, Pinterest and Tik Tok I share a variety of content about vegan nutrition. As a videographer, I love bringing images to life, turning even simple recipes into something special and playing with different effects.


  • Pinterest: 5 million views/month
  • Instagram: 42K followers
  • Tik Tok: 63K followers

My services at a glance:

Whether photos or videos, stories, reels or idea pins: my heart beats for good content and images that move. I present products professionally on social media – either on my own channels or specifically for companies. My videos reach an average of 50,000 views and give products more visibility. My services include:


  • Recipe development: Vegan, healthy and delicious
  • Videography: Reels, Idea Pins, Stories, and much more.
  • Photography: Professional product or recipe images


Other wishes, inquiries or ideas? Then I look forward to getting in touch!


    Munich, Germany.