Pancakes with oatmeal and cocoa

Whether Pancake Sunday or Monday morning: pancakes with oatmeal are the perfect breakfast for everyone who likes it sweet and likes fluffy dough! A simple and quick recipe that doesn’t need milk or eggs – because a vegan pancake batter only needs a few basic ingredients. Have fun trying!



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Pancakes with oatmeal: Without flour, sugar and egg

By: Gian Sibilia

Wondering how to make the perfect vegan pancakes? Super easy! Pancakes are usually made with flour, milk, sugar and eggs, but we don’t use any of those ingredients in this recipe. And yet the result is awesome! How it works? By choosing healthy, vegan and gluten-free alternatives and doing a little tricking. Below I will tell you my best tips:

  • Trick 1: Oatmeal pancakes without flour
  • Trick 2: Oatmeal pancakes without banana
  • Trick 3: Pancakes with oatmeal without sugar

Trick 1: Oatmeal pancakes without flour

Wheat flour contains gluten, which many people cannot tolerate. At the same time, white flour contains hardly any vitamins, minerals and fiber. That’s why I like to swap it out for oatmeal. They are wholesome, naturally gluten-free, rich in micronutrients and fiber. If you have a severe gluten intolerance, you should use oatmeal that is explicitly labeled as gluten-free. Because even if the flakes themselves are free of the allergen, they can contain traces of it.

For our pancakes with oat flakes, we simply grind the oat flakes briefly in a blender to create a kind of flour. This ensures that the dough is smooth and not too coarse. Incidentally, oat flakes are great for pancake batter without eggs because they have good stickiness.

Trick 2: Oatmeal pancakes without banana

Banana is used as an egg substitute for most oatmeal pancakes (vegan). But that is not necessary at all. Pancakes have a good binding capacity anyway and are also successful without fruit puree. This is great for anyone who does not tolerate fructose very well or has a banana allergy. The pancakes are also great for anyone who wants to reduce their sugar consumption. Which brings us to the next point…

Trick 3: Pancakes with oatmeal without sugar

Pancakes without sugar: can they taste good? And how! Giving up refined sugar doesn’t mean that you don’t sweeten at all. I really like using erythritol, a sugar alcohol that looks almost exactly like granulated sugar. He’s not quite as sweet, which is a plus for me, and has significantly less energy. This makes the oatmeal pancakes low in calories without losing the delicious taste. If you love pancakes but have often skipped them because of the calories, now you don’t have to do that anymore!

nutritional values

  • protein 15% 15%
  • carbs 65% 65%
  • Fats 20% 20%
  • calories 20% 20%

This goes well with pancakes with oatmeal

The best pancakes are only half as good without the toppings. To make it a balanced meal, I like to eat my pancakes with oatmeal with soy yoghurt and fresh fruit. So there is some plant-based protein and lots of vitamins. Alternatively, you could use coconut yogurt to add an exotic flavor and healthy fats. As the icing on the cake, I pour maple syrup over the pancakes – you could also use agave syrup, coconut blossom nectar or rice syrup here. Also delicious: a dab of nut butter!

Pancakes with oatmeal: recipe

These oatmeal and cocoa pancakes might just be the best you’ve ever tasted—even though they’re a lot healthier than the classic version. Vegan, gluten-free, without refined sugar, free of lactose, super fluffy and chocolaty. It doesn’t get any better! So be sure to try the recipe – and watch my video tutorial here! Otherwise, I recommend this great Oatmeal Baked Oatmeal recipe.

Pfannkuchen mit Haferflocken und Kakao

Fluffige, vegane und gesunde Pfannkuchen
Course breakfast
Cuisine American
Keyword Pancakes with oatmeal
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 2 Servings
Calories 389kcal
Author Gian Sibilia
Cost 3


  • beschichtete Pfanne


  • 130 g gemahlene Haferflocken
  • 3 EL Erythrit
  • 2 EL Kakaopulver
  • 1 EL Backpulver
  • 1 TL Vanille Extrakt
  • 1/4 TL Salz
  • 240 ml pflanzliche Milch
  • 1 TL Zitronensaft
  • 1 TL Zimt


  • Die pflanzliche Milch mit Apfelessig oder Zitronensaft mischen und für 5 Minuten stehen lassen. So entsteht unsere vegane Buttermilch– der Schlüssel für fluffige Pfannkuchen mit Haferflocken.
  • Hafermehl, Erythrit, Kakao, Backpulver, Vanille und Salz mischen. Die vegane Buttermilch zugeben und alles gründlich vermischen.
  • Eine beschichtete Pfanne erwärmen und pro Pfannkuchen jeweils 60 g Teig (oder eine kleine Kelle) hineingeben. Einige Minuten braten, bis sich kleine Bläschen an der Oberfläche bilden. Pancake wenden und nochmals für 2-3 Minuten braten. So verfahren, bis der Teig aufgebraucht ist.
  • Haferflocken Pancakes mit Toppings deiner Wahl servieren.Zum Beispiel Blaubeeren, Ahornsirup und Sojajoghurt.


Noch mehr Rezepte mit Haferflocken gesucht? Dann probiere doch mal eine der folgenden Kreationen aus!


Calories: 389kcal

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