Marzipan: Vegan and sugar-free


Is marzipan vegan? Not always. Can you make marzipan yourself? With this recipe it is! Best of all, you only need two ingredients, it’s super quick and the result is really awesome! You can bake vegan with this marzipan, eat it pure or make sugar-free marzipan potatoes. Have fun trying!

Servings: 8

Time: 0 hrs 5 mins

Calories: 45


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Is marzipan vegan?

By: Gian Sibilia

Almonds, sugar, rose water – actually, marzipan should be vegan. In most cases it is. However, there are some companies that use honey instead of sugar. If it is not pure marzipan raw mass, but the whole thing has been processed into marzipan potatoes, marzipan bread or something else, eggs, dairy products and other animal ingredients may also be included. So always check the list of ingredients before buying to make sure that the marzipan is vegan. Or just try this recipe and make your own vegan marzipan without sugar – that’s probably the safest, cheapest and healthiest option!

healthy marzipan

Sugar-free marzipan: vegan and easy

only 2 ingredients

Of course there is also vegan marzipan in the supermarket – but that is usually full of sugar and is therefore not really healthy. That’s why I use erythritol in my recipe. This is a sugar alcohol with just 0.2 calories per 1 gram. For comparison: the same amount of sugar has 4 kcal. Erythritol also occurs naturally in some types of fruit (e.g. pears and grapes), but the granules for the sugar substitute are synthetically produced. The sweetening power is slightly less than that of table sugar, so everyone has to see how sweet they like it. The ingenious thing: With erythritol you not only save calories and can reduce your sugar consumption – it is also much better for your teeth. And: In contrast to stevia, it does not have an extreme taste of its own. Conclusion: Erythritol is great for marzipan. Vegan, sugar-free, delicious and quick to make – you’ll love this recipe!

Nutritional values for 5 balls

  • protein 5% 5%
  • carbs 5% 5%
  • Fats 5% 5%
  • calories 9% 9%

For my calculation I used the following numbers:

2200 kcal, 100g proteins, 300g carbohydrates, 70g fats per day.


healthy marzipan

Vegan marzipan: you need that

Two basic ingredients, a mixer and your vegan marzipan is ready! For the typical taste I recommend rose water, which can also be found in every traditional recipe. You can get it in many health food stores, health food stores and online shops. Otherwise you can just use water. Here are your basic ingredients again:

  • Ground almonds
  • erythritol
  • rose water (alternative: water)

    Tip: It is better not to use almond flour for the marzipan. It’s vegan, but unlike ground almonds it has a super dry consistency – and the marzipan should be juicy. Ground blanched almonds are a better choice as they are not defatted. Blanched means that the almonds no longer have their shells, which makes for a more refined taste. You probably know this from nut butter: Dark almond butter tastes a bit tart, white almond butter is velvety. This is because the light version uses blanched almonds. By the way, you can also grind them yourself in the blender if you want to make vegan marzipan.

    Marzipan vegan: recipe

    Now we come to the most important point, the recipe. Would you like to make your own marzipan vegan and without sugar? If you are unsure, you are welcome to watch my video tutorial here – otherwise get started right away.

    Marzipan: vegan und zuckerfrei

    schnelle und zuckerfreie Marzipan Variante
    Course dessert
    Cuisine German
    Keyword Vegan marzipan
    Prep Time 5 minutes
    Cook Time 5 minutes
    Total Time 10 minutes
    Servings 8
    Calories 42kcal


    • Hochleistungsmixer


    • 60 g gemahlene Mandeln
    • 30 g Erythrit
    • 10 ml Rosenwasser


    • Erythrit in einem Mixer auf hoher Stufe zu feinemPuderzucker verarbeiten – das dauert weniger als eine Minute.  Vorsichtig den Deckel öffnen, da durch dasMixen ein feiner Staub aufsteigt.
    • Erythrit-Puderzucker und gemahlene Mandeln in eine Schüssel geben und langsam 10 ml Rosenwasser dazu geben. Alternativ ganz normales Wassernehmen. Mit den Händen zu einem saftigen und glatten Teig verkneten. Ist dieMasse zu trocken, einfach noch ein paar Tropfen Wasser zugeben. Ist er zu feucht, etwas mehr gemahlene Mandeln nehmen. 
    • ZuckerfreiesMarzipan zu Kugeln rollen und direkt genießen. Alternativ für einen veganen Marzipankuchen, Marzipan-Konfekt oder als Torten-Dekoration verwenden.


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    Calories: 42kcal | Carbohydrates: 2g | Protein: 2g | Fat: 4g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 1g | Calcium: 16mg | Iron: 1mg

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