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Lets make the world happier, fitter and better 🙂 with my healthy plantbased recipes

Healthy Plantbased Food

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Advice to find the right balance

Everyone starts small, don’t be afraid of the change and set yourself weekly tasks.

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How to Start

Changing your diet is like surfing. You have to get in the water first.
So start to deal with the topic. Write yourself a 10-week plan with weekly tasks that gradually bring you a little closer to your perfect lifestyle.

Dealing with setbacks

Having cravings is the most normal thing in the world. Learn to deal with them and deliberately treat yourself to a small piece of cookie instead of eating the whole package at night with a guilty conscience.

to do without is not the solution

If you constantly have the feeling that you are giving up, you will find it difficult to achieve your goal. Stop doing without, and instead find great additions. True to the motto: “To cook everything as healthy as possible”. Replace what needs to be replaced. Eat what you think is right.

    Avoid The Following

    Try to replace refined sugar with date sugar, date paste or erythritol. Spelled or oat flour instead of wheat flour. Not to consume sugary drinks. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. These small, important steps are enough to do you and your body good. You will quickly notice the first successes.

    healthy plantbased recipes

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