The best sweet potato pizza dough. This vegan pizza is unbeatable.

The basic ingredients of my sweet potato pizza dough vegan consist of two ingredients: oats and sweet potato. Ingredients that you usually have at home.

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I’m thrilled to see you’re interested in my story and in what I do. On my blog you will find healthy recipes, that are sugar-free as well as free from wheat flour which offers you unusual and tasty alternatives and it can also bring you in shape, because we only have one life. So all in all I will show you a lot of delicious vegan recipes you can eat without having a guilty conscience regarding the calories.

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This recipe is for all pizza lovers. The sweet potato pizza dough vegan is also incredibly delicious. Give it a try 🙂

For those who want even more protein, the Game Changer is coming;)

Replaces half of the oat flour with walnut protein powder from my favorite company nutrition

You are guaranteed to have the healthiest pizza in the world. Convince yourself.

There are a few tricks I would like to share with you when cooking the sweet potato. I’m a huge fan of not having to stand in the kitchen for hours, that’s why I cook my sweet potatoes in the microwave for 8 minutes. Then check with a fork. The sweet potato should be soft for the optimal pizza dough. Alternatively, cut the sweet potato into small pieces to reduce the cooking time and cook in simmering water for 30 minutes.

For the oat flour, grind coarse or tender oats in the mixer until a flour is formed. Important: The mixer should be completely dry, otherwise there will be small lumps, which tends not to be a problem, only it doesn’t look too nice afterwards;)

This recipe is:

  • gluten free
  • wheat free
  • quickly
  • healthy
  • yummy
  • nutritious
  • rich in protein
  • rich in vitamins
  • full of fiber

Really gluten free?

Here it depends on the choice of oats. Oats as such are gluten-free, but because they are processed in factories with other cereals containing gluten, they are labeled as not gluten-free. Severe allergy sufferers should therefore take a closer look at the packaging. Anyway, this sweet potato pizza dough vegan is an absolute dream.

Sweet Potato Pizza

Prep time8 mins
Cook time15 mins
Total23 mins
Dish: mains
Country: italian
Keyword: sweet potato pizza crust
Servings : 2 Servings
Calories : 31%
Author: Gian Sibilia
Cost: 5 €


  • microwave
  • oven


  • 300 g sweet potato
  • 125 g oats
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp pepper



  • Cook the Sweet Potato in the microwave or in boiling water until soft.
  • remove the skin.
  • mash with a fork and add your grounded oats (oatflour) and salt and pepper.


  • Place the dough on parchment paper and roll it out evenly.
  • add tomato sauce, toppings of choice.
  • bake 15 Minutes at 180 degrees.


Calories: 615kcal

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