Vegan main Dishes – Fast and tasty recipes.


My vegan main dishes are the perfect vegan food. Tasty, healthy and fast.

No boring recipes. Quick, fast and super tasty. My vegan main dishes are not only healthy, they are also super tasty.


Who knows the problem of standing in the kitchen for hours and afterwards the result is not as expected? It was important to me to solve exactly this problem. My vegan main dishes should be prepared in just a few steps and still be convincing in terms of taste.


My spelt pizza, for example. Here I have created a yeast dough that actually only takes 15 minutes to prepare. Dry yeast makes it possible;) I think the spelled pizza recipe is really great and the dough is even fluffy, perfect for people who cannot process a yeast dough 3-4 times to get the desired result. Click here to make your own pizza.

The best Pizza Recipe



Fast, healthy and super delicious.


Mostly sugarfree, healthy, but super tasty.


Fast and easy to prepare.

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