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Healthy, fast and tasty vegan snacks. 

My vegan snacks.


Who of you likes to snack as much as I do? It is therefore important to me to create recipes that not only taste good, but also only have benefits for the body in terms of nutritional values. That’s why I tried to cook all recipes free of refined sugar and wheat flour. It is important to me to have a good balance between fats, carbohydrates and proteins. If you are looking for a protein supplier, I recommend nutri-plus. Here you will find everything about the vegan lifestyle. By the way: In all of my recipes for healthy vegan snacks you will find nutritional values, a video and detailed descriptions. Have a look around for this. Incidentally, I recently brought out my first ebook, with many more recipes that are healthy, tasty and quick to prepare.

I would be very happy if someone prepares my healthy vegan snacks and sends me photos or tags me on social media.

Until then, I wish you a good time with lots of goodies.


chocolate pudding

Whether a simple pudding made from two ingredients or a great vegan cheese alternative. You can really find everything your heart desires. By the way, another passion of mine is video and food photography. Not only do I try to cook delicious and healthy, but I also want to capture the beauty behind all the delicious, healthy snacks.

That’s why I’m happy to receive any kind of feedback. Comments, messages, follows, like to jump on the bandwagon and let’s make the world a little bit healthier.

vegan cream cheese

Healthy Snacks


Fast, healthy and super delicious.


Mostly sugarfree, healthy, but super tasty.


Fast and easy to prepare.

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